Drum Beat Networks

http://www.drumbeatnetworks.com/How does it all work, you ask?

By tailoring the services offered at your individual communities! By actively designing, developing and managing the network infrastructure. Drumbeat networks delivers a superior suite of entertainment and communication services at the most competitive prices.

At drumbeat we can show you how to increase your properties value, occupancy rates and generate additional income, all at LITTLE OR NO COST to you the property owner.

Both you and your residents can relax knowing that these services are property approved, reliable and backed by local, responsive, customer service and technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our technology

We construct a technology infrastructure that delivers HD television, high-speed internet, digital telephone and in suite security services tailored specifically for your community demographics. Drumbeat can build and provide any type of television programming and deployment technology including private cable, SMATV, FTTH (fiber to the home) and IPTV. Our broadband networks are carrier class, wireless networks designed and operated by drumbeat networks capable of delivering speeds equal to or rivaling traditional wire line providers.

No matter what type of property you manage, apartment buildings, town homes, retirement community, mobile home park, condominium complex, gated community or university residence hall, we have a solution just for you.

The features, advantages and benefits of our MDU program.

  • We share the expense.

    • Drumbeat Networks installs all the necessary equipment and infrastructure.
    • There is LITTLE OR NO capital cost to the property.
    • We assume 100% responsibility for ongoing operations, billing, technical and customer support.
    • There are no maintenance fees, truck roll fees or installation fees, for your residents, ever.
  • A good neighbor.

    • We minimize any disruption to residents during installation.
    • In most cases we can use existing wiring at your properties keeping building aesthetics in tact.
    • Residents receive same or next day install and maintenance service.
    • Drumbeat is your single, local source for resident installations, upgrades and maintenance.
  • Add property value.

    • Offer a superior package of competitively priced services.
    • Differentiate your properties from the competition with the most in demand services.
    • Cutting edge technologies at your properties will help retain and attract new residents.
  • Create revenue.

    • Multiple options are available for revenue sharing, installation commissions and door fees.
    • Capture revenue from services residents are already receiving from outside providers.
  • It’s simple.

    • You’ll have a trusted technology partner for all your communication and entertainment services.

Drum Beat Networks
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Toll Free- 1-877-904-3786