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We utilize a staff of highly qualified inspectors made up of Engineers, Building Contractors, Insurance Adjusters and other insurance and construction professionals.  As a company we maintain an extremely high level of insurance and construction industry experience and knowledge.  This thorough understanding has resulted in the most comprehensive and accurate reports in the industry!

Our Insurance Appraisal Report supplies you with a real time Replacement Cost Valuation of any building or site improvement.  Don't gamble with your most valuable asset by not carrying adequate insurance!  With our Insurance Appraisal you can be confident the value of your most vital investment is correctly reported the the insurance company resulting in accurate coverage and premiums.  For more information about our Insurance Appraisal click here.

Our Reserve Study Florida Report is a detailed report prepared for Community Associations forecasting future replacement of major capital expenditures and deferred maintenance components.  This report is designed to get associations on track to replace that expensive roof or paint the building without having to borrow from the Banks or hitting unit owners with special assesments!  The Reserve Study Florida Report exceeds all state and national reserve study standards.  For more information about the Reserve Study Florida click here. 

Our Wind Mitigation Inspection Report provides the Insurance Company with descriptions and photograph documentation outlining construction features which may result in insurance premium discounts.  Using the latest Wind Mitigation Affidavits available, the goal is to present in the clearest possible way any evidence of these features.  For more information about the Wind Mitigation Inspection click here.  

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"It is a distinct pleasure to recommend the FPAT team!  We have been working with them for more than five years and find them to be knowledgeable, professional, and a resource that our Condominium Association clients can rely on for accurate construction and wind mitigation information.  Their appraisals and mitigation forms are complete and well documented.  Because we can depend on their work being accepted by insurance carriers, we can maintain the level of service our clients have come to expect."
 - S.B., Insurance Agent  - New Port Richey, FL

"Definitely industry leaders and professionals of the highest caliber.  We thank you for your excellent service!"
 - Bob Moyer, President, Vanguard Management Group 

Felten Professional Adjustment Team
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